Monday, June 15, 2009

Where have you been, Bill?

On Tuesday morning, April 7, at 6:35 A.M., my sister took her last breath. When you're the oldest kid in the family, you never expect to outlive your younger siblings. Brenda had double breast cancer and did very well during the operation. But when she had chemotherapy, she was found to have congestive heart failure and had been suffering from it for many years.

My sister and an were not very close. Something happened when we were teenagers and we completely lost touch with each other. Admittedly, it was probably my fault. I wish I could go back and take everything I ever said.

Lots of people lose younger siblings. You never think it can happen to you. Consider that I have already lost my father and a very close aunt... my mom's little sister, Sherry.

If you have any quarrel between you and a sibling get it over now. I'm 51 and I'm healthy. My sister had just turned 50 in December. I didn't know how unhealthy she was. Even if you're on the other side of the world, send a note. Send something. Don't wait until that brother or sister dies. I can't do anything now.