Monday, January 25, 2010

Colton High School

Colton High School
Colton, California

Yellow Jackets
Opened 1896

3,200 students (grades 9-12)

Colton High School
Colton, Oregon
238 students (grades 9-12)

Colton High School
Colton, Washington


108 students (grades 7-12)

If you know of any other Colton High Schools, let me know. I always tell people in other countries not to give the name of any city or town without listing the state.

Did you know there is a Los Angeles in Texas? There is also a New York in Texas. Both of these towns are very small. Hollywood isn't a city in California (it's a Los Angeles neighborhood) but it is a city in Florida. (West Hollywood is a city that neighbors Hollywood, California. For many years it was thought of as the unincorporated part of Hollywood.)