Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Colton Quiz (ANSWERS)

Sorry to say, but we had no winner. I need to save some reserves in my CafePress store.

Here are the answers:

  1. What are the specific official colors of Colton High School? CRIMSON AND GOLD.
  2. What were the names of the two junior high schools that were replaced by Colton Junior High School in 1954? WOODROW WILSON JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL and THEODORE ROOSEVELT JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL.
  4. What was the name of the Colton Airport? Where was it? Which airline made regular stops there? MORROW FIELD. NEAR THE FORMER SITE OF THE PRICE CLUB AND THE COLTON CABLE SKI-WAY SWIMMING POOL. CABLE CABLE COMMUTER AIRLINES (later known as IMPERIAL AIRLINES).
  5. Name the Chevrolet and Dodge dealers which used to be in downtown Colton. The Chevy place moved north (onto La Cadena Avenue) with downtown redevelopment and the Dodge dealership closed after its owner died of a heart attack. CENTER CHEVROLET and LAUGHTON COLTON DODGE.
  6. What was the former nickname of Colton? It has something to do with the shape of Colton City Hall (formerly Colton Civic Center) as seen from the air. THE HUB CITY.
  7. What were the names of the two Southern Pacific passenger trains that stopped in Colton? Can you also name the two Union Pacific passenger trains and the one Santa Fe train that stopped in Colton during the 1960s? SP: SUNSET LIMITED (New Orleans-Los Angeles) and GOLDEN STATE (Chicago-Los Angeles). UP: CITY OF LOS ANGELES and CHALLENGER (both Chicago-Los Angeles). ATSF: GRAND CANYON (Chicago-Los Angeles)
  8. What were the five route numbers of the two highways that crossed in Colton before the freeways were built? US 70, US 91, US 99, US 395, CA 18.
  9. What does joint mean in Colton Joint Unified School District? The district is located in more than one county. There is a section of the district south of Reche Canyon near Moreno Valley.
  10. Before Bloomington High School was built, high school students in Bloomington went to Colton Union High School (having more than one high school meant that Colton was no longer a one high school high school district, the "union" was dropped, and the high school district subsequently "unified" with the elementary districts in Colton, Bloomington, and Grand Terrace.) Before Eisenhower High School was built in 1958, where did high school students in Rialto go to school? After 1952, they went to Pacific High School in San Bernardino. Eisenhower was originally in the San Bernardino Union High School District.
  11. Name a dairy located in Colton. It was actually outside the city limits on Cypress Avenue. BLUE MOUNTAIN DAIRY--originally the branch of a dairy located in Grand Terrace on Blue Mountain. QUALITY DAIRY had a small property on Fairway Drive in the 1960s.
  12. What was the major chain supermarket at the Mount Vernon Shopping Center? What about the major supermarket at the Rancho Vista Shopping Center (Rancho Avenue and Mill Street, next to the T.G.&Y.)? THRIFTIMART (Mt. Vernon SC). MAYFAIR [later BI-RITE] (Rancho Vista SC).
  13. What was the name of the coffee shop located in front of the old Stater Brothers supermarket on I Street (later Valley Boulevard)? STATER BROTHERS COFFEE SHOP (it was there even after Stater's supermarket moved down the street).
  14. What were the names of the Stater brothers? TWINS LEO and CLEO STATER.
  15. Name a popular 1960s songwriter who graduated from Colton High School. His father had been the pastor at the First Southern Baptist Church (now Sierra Vista Baptist Church). JIMMY WEBB (MacArthur Park, Up Up and Away).
  16. For whom was Colton named? David D. Colton, Vice President of the Southern Pacific Railroad and an Army general in the Civil War. He never visited the city.
  17. How did the Colton High School Yellow Jackets get their nickname in the late 1920s? What was the schools nickname previous to this? Football players wore black tape strips on their gold jerseys. A newspaper reporter said they looked like a swarm of wasps. Prior to this the teams were known as the Crimson Tornado (singular).
  18. Name the original members of the old high school Citrus Belt League. When they were built in the 1950s, Pacific (San Bernardino) and Fontana were added to this group. Chaffey (Ontario), Colton, Pomona, Redlands, Riverside [never referred to as Poly until the 1960s] ,San Bernardino.
  19. For what professional sports team did Kenny Hubbs play? CHICAGO CUBS of the National League (Major League Baseball).
  20. Name a current celebrity who graduated from Colton High School. (Not me.) KAT VON D.
  21. Where was the first Stater Brothers market? YUCAIPA, CALIFORNIA.
  22. Name a former Colton High School student who played professional football, then returned to the school to teach English. DENNIS CRANE. He played for the Washington Redskins and the New York Giants.
  23. What were the three brands of fuel sold by Ray Phillips Truck Stop? FLYING A, PHILLIPS 66, and TEXACO.
  24. What was the name of the hamburger stand across the street from Colton Union High School (corner of Third and I Streets)? BIG G.
  25. What was the original name of La Cadena Drive in Riverside? COLTON AVENUE.
Too bad no one entered. Oh, well...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bill's find of the day...

If some of you never got rid of your old Blue Chip Stamps, they never expired. You can redeem them at the following address:

Blue Chip Stamps
P.O. Box 831
Pasadena, CA 91102-0831

They still make reports to the company's corporate owner, Berkshire-Hathaway. And you can get a free catalog at this address. (Try to keep this a secret, if you can, and see if you can get some good deals on old stamp books!)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

It's NOT ME!!!

You probably remember reading in this 'Blog that the Roy Rogers Museum in Branson, Missouri, shut its doors December 12, 2009. I had the feeling things wouldn't be much different in that part of the country than they would be in the Mojave Desert off old Route 66.

I looked on the 'Net today and saw that some (well-known) auctioneer named Billy Long is auctioning off all Roy and Dale's stuff. I haven't worn a suit to work since I left Vietnam. The only time I lived in Missouri was when I was doing Army basic training at Fort Leonard Wood (not far from Springfield). And I don't own a cowboy hat.

Also, I never use the Billy without the Jack. I never use Billy J. Long because my dad's name was Billy Joe Long and that created all kinds of problems. We were both Billy J. Long and there was no Sr. or Jr. What a mess! (At least George W. Bush has one less initial than his dad!) My friends call me Bill. My family calls me something else but I won't go into that.

The auction is on April 30, 2010. It's kind of sad...