Friday, April 03, 2009

Pink Panther Flakes

Do you remember eating these? I do. They were nothing more than corn flakes dyed pink. When you poured milk on them, the corn flakes turned back to their original orange and the milk turned pink, but it tasted great!

I like soggy corn flakes.

Mount Slover

Isaac "Cristobal" Slover (1780-1854) was killed by a bear on top of the mountain that later bore his name. For the next 140 years following, the elements to make concrete and cement were dug off this hill. Students and teachers at Colton High School, which is located not far from the site, often had to brace themselves often for the explosions which occurred when they were trying to blast rocks.

Slover was buried under a pepper tree at Agua Mansa Cemetery. The blasting operations ceased just prior to the end of the twentieth century.


I'm allergic to Nutra Sweet (Aspertame). I can't stand saccharin. Someone please tell me, since scientists say there's nothing wrong with cyclamates, why they are using them in Canada and the United Kingdom but they're still banned in the United States?

Been banned since 1969...

Colton Junior High School

Our colors were purple and blue, but you never saw the two colors together. I was a student at Colton Junior High School from September 1969 to June 1971. I was a band geek. I was one of two tuba players in the band. For me, it was grades 7 and 8. We in Colton got into high school a whole year ahead of Redlands, Fontana, Rialto, and Corona. They stayed in junior high for their ninth grade. Colton, Riverside, Alvord, Jurupa, and Chaffey all had four year high schools.

Today they're all four year high schools.

Most of the "junior high schools" are now "middle schools" and incorporate grade 6, so they're all three year schools.

Junior high school is no more.

Colton High School Yellow Jacket Marching Band

Call me a party pooper, but I hate the latest stuff on the band scene. I loved it when I was in school and the band did band reviews on fall weekends (and a couple in spring, too).

Band reviews were parades which featured only bands competing against each other. You didn't have to pay to watch a band review. It was out on the street. The bands played a standard military march in a military formation. Nothing could be simpler or more elegant. And it was fun...

There are still a number of band reviews still going on. Southern California doesn't have anymore spring reviews.

The most memorable ones: the El Primero Band Review in Santa Monica, the Maytime Band Review in National City, the Autumn Band Review in San Diego, and the All-Western Band Review in Long Beach are only memories. There are still band reviews in Arcadia, Chino, La Palma, and a few other places.

But you won't find Colton there anymore.