Monday, April 06, 2009

Der Wienerschnitzel

I have some sad news for you but it might seem a little late:

There is no such hot dog stand as Der Wienerschnitzel...

Actually, it hasn't existed since 1977, about the time the stands started selling hamburgers. They dropped Der... Now it's just Wienerschnitzel...

The chain started by John Galiardi in 1961 in the Wilmington neighborhood of Los Angeles and is probably the closest thing we have to a national hot dog chain. They do not serve the Austrian veal specialty, Wienerschnitzel. They never did. And they never will...

But one of my favorite sayings: Name changes never happen without a reason. In Der Wienerschnitzel's case, it was the addition of hamburgers...

Here is the original menu... Everything was 15 cents, except the Polish Sandwich, which was 45 cents... very expensive at the time...

  • Mustard Dog
  • Chili Dog
  • Kraut Dog
  • Relish Dog
  • Polish Sandwich
  • French Fries (actually offered later)
  • Soft Drinks

Later, a Ketchup Dog was offered, but most window people would sell you a Mustard Dog without mustard with a couple of ketchup packets. For a hot dog purist like me, I still don't know why they don't still do that...


  1. If I recall, the 'der' was also grammatically incorrect and that it should have been either 'die' or 'das' but I didn't learn deutsch well enough to know for sure.

    Do you remember a burger chain called Herfy's?

  2. Forget the German grammar...


  3. Der was correct, the owner's wife got the "Der" from a German cookbook in 1961.